Border Management Research

Under this research project, ZPSP has successfully engaged six key state actors and four non-state actors through its core partner, the University of Zimbabwe’s Centre for Defence Studies. A desk review was conducted and a workshop to validate findings of this desk review was convened and attended by key state and non-state stakeholders in Border Management. Following the validation workshop, several planning and strategy meetings were held with key stakeholders.

The research seeks to identify policy gaps in the management and operation of the country’s borders, on issues related to effectiveness, efficiency and integration, as well as in facilitating the free and legitimate movement of people and goods.

A key finding of the initial research consultation process is that there is not yet meaningful co-ordination among state institutions involved in border security and management. In addition, major issues related to the efficient management of cross-border trade and human migration need to be addressed, especially in the light of SADC policy on regional integration. Finally, significant issues related to the effective use of technology to improve border management require attention.