Exploring Peace and Security Issues in Africa: Prospects and Challenges

This publication is composed of contributions from academics and officials from Zimbabwe and the SADC region assessing prospects and challenges for security sector transformation in Zimbabwe and the SADC region. The following are the titles of the chapters in the book, which were commissioned from members of the ZIPSET Network and regional experts

·       Prospects for security sector transformation in Southern Africa

·   Conceptualizing peace and security in Zimbabwe

·   The Foundational Steps towards articulating a National Security Policy for Zimbabwe: An analysis of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment No.20 of 2013

·       Debates on Security Sector Reform (SSR) in Zimbabwe and the role of the legislature in the reform process

·       Facilitating security sector transformation in Zimbabwe: learning from the experience of the Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme

·       Modernisation in process: considering the future role of the Armed Forces in Zimbabwe.

·       Ethics and Security Sector Governance in Zimbabwe.