Management and Staff

A two-person Directorate has been established by the Board of Trustees to plan and implement the programme as defined in the Programme Document.The Directorate operates as a collective entity and its decisions are made by consensus. The two members of the Directorate have specific and individual Terms of Reference, which determine their precise areas of responsibility and authority within the overall programme.

The current Directorate comprises the Executive Director Jeremy J. Brickhill and Co-Director Nyasha D. Masiwa.

The current Management Board of the Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme comprises the two members of the Directorate and one Administration and Finance Manager and one Programme Manager. The Management Board, as a collective entity, is responsible for the efficient and effective management of the programme as a whole and meets on a regular basis to take decisions as an integrated programme management team.

The  Administration and Finance Manager is Mrs Esther Kaitano and the Programme Manager is Mr. Ronald Nare.