Generic Peace and Security Curriculum for Universities in Zimbabwe

16 Mar 2015

In August 2014, the Zimbabwe Peace and Security Education and Training (ZIPSET) Network developed a draft curriculum that sets out the components of a basic and generic introduction to teaching Security Sector Governance (SSG) at university level. The curriculum is a major step towards the achievement of the ZIPSET Network’s objective of introducing substantive SST-related courses at Zimbabwean universities. The tailor-made curriculum represents one of the first solid attempts to Africanize the teaching and research about SST as it recognizes the utility of African philosophy and the lived realities of African existence. The draft curriculum was reviewed during a research and methodology workshop held on 19-20 October 2014. Regional experts from the Southern African Defence and Security Management (SADSEM) Network supported the curriculum development process by facilitating the executive course on SSG held at the Centre for Defence and Security Management (CDSM) at Wits University as well as giving technical guidance during the review of the curriculum.