Round Table Discussion on "Entrepreneurial perspectives on peace, security and development", 28 October 2014

17 Mar 2015

The ZPSP, in collaboration with the African Leadership Convention (ALC), convened a round table discussion on “Entrepreneurial perspectives on peace, security and development” on the 28th of October 2014. This round table discussion was the first meeting ZPSP has organized for the business sector and it is to be followed by several follow up capacity building activities. Twenty-five (25) individuals from diverse ideological backgrounds attended the workshop. These included academics, economists, civil society practitioners and journalists. In general, the discussion aimed at providing participants with a more comprehensive and indepth knowledge of security sector governance, its relevance as well as its application to the economic sector. The conference gave individuals from various backgrounds the platform to interact and discuss their views and perspectives on the link between peace, security and development. Overall, the conference achieved its objectives because at the end of the seminar, participants were looking into what should be done to effectively implement the key issues raised throughout the day.